Budtender Archetype Quiz Answers

Answered Mostly A:
Non-stop Talking Stoner

You’re a social smoker. While others get slumped and go mute, you do the complete opposite when lit. Slacker stoner, you are not. You’re a renaissance man person and can dance around any topic. You’re a skilled networker, especially when you’re off the gas. You’re just as comfortable at the counter talking up customers as you are making the rounds at a cannabis event. You put introverts and extroverts at ease, which is why you always make the guest list.

Answered Mostly B:
Know-it-all Industry Bro

It's not as douchey as it sounds; you're an industry vet! You don't need Leafly; you have a Ph.D. in weed. You love to play around with genetics and can answer any question that's thrown at you about the sticky green. It's not your fault that you insert "actually…" into most conversations; it's just that they don't know what they are talking about! You've been around the block and "get" how the industry works. You're one part jaded, two parts walking encyclopedia of weed, and nothing in this industry gets past you.

Answered Mostly C:

You’re an old soul that has adapted to the times. While you may not be your typical '70s hippie, you’re one with the universe and care about planet earth. And real talk, weed is a medicine that brings enlightenment. You’re not big on rules; Health Canada is a construct! Though, you’d love to see more regulation on growing organically and environmentally-friendly products. You’re not in it for the money or the clout. You love the culture, and you’re here to stay.

Answered Mostly D:
Newbie Stoner

You’re still bright-eyed, a rare quality in this jaded industry! Your manager loves that you are a good listener and have a positive attitude. Your coworkers love that you’re willing to try new things. You bring normcore work experience into the space, and that’s a good thing! Oh, and Brands love that you’re repping their tee! This is just the beginning of a long career in cannabis for you!

Answered Mostly E:

You are dying to get into the corporate side of things; a little red tape doesn’t scare you. You have brilliant insights and want to share your ideas with the Brand. You’re willing to swap in your rolling papers for that printer paper (during office hours, of course!). And really, you’re tired of standing at the counter; you’re ready to sit at a desk. You’re the bridge between both worlds, and Brands can only improve once you have joined their team.